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Accomodations in Key West and the Florida Keys

Finding the right place to stay in the Florida Keys can be a daunting task. There are hotels and resorts, but they can be expensive for a family that needs more than a single room. There are cheap motels and hotels that can surely ruin even the best planned vacation.

One option worth considering is a Vacation Rental Home. These are private family homes that are available for rental, typically for a week or longer at much less that a comparable hotel would change.

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World Class fishing is all around you in the Florida Keys!

Humans are not the only ones to find the Keys a uniquely attractive environment!

Seeing the Keys means getting away from your car and really seeing and hearing things up close.

Aquatic Life!

The Dolphin Research Center and other facilities are a short drive away!

Key West Golf Club's public 18 hole course with over 200 acres of beautiful Florida Keys foliage and wildlife, stately palms, dense mangroves, serene lakes, rolling fairways and dramatic greens. Just twenty minutes away!

Key West and the South Florida Keys are unlike anything else in the world!

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