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Vacation in Key West in the Florida KeysKey West
Why do millions of tourists vacation every year on the tropical island of Key West in the Florida Keys? Key West is as far south as you can get and still stay safely in the United States mainland. Some visitors are attracted by the laid-back, come-as-you-are atmosphere. Other visitors are intrigued by the city's history of pirate tales and buried treasures. History can be found everywhere on the island, and plenty of museums line the narrow streets. Some people visit to find inspiration like author Ernest Hemingway and President Harry Truman did years ago. Others seek love and companionship in Key West's year-round tropical weather. And surrounded by water, more daring types come to Key West to snorkel, fish, and dive on the coral reef just a few miles offshore.

Although Key West has been called America's only "Caribbean Island" it's charm and character are one-of-a-kind! You can reach this island by car, bus, plane or boat! It's connected to the mainland U.S. by over forty bridges! And what is the most common complaint from those who visit Key West while vacationing in the Florida Keys? Find out more



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Vacation in Key West in the Florida KeysThe Florida Keys
The Florida Keys are a chain of islands over 100 miles long. It's a tropical paradise located at the southernmost point of the United States. They were formed from a coral reef thousands of years ago  Find out more



Vacation in Key West in the Florida KeysScuba & Snorkeling
The Florida Keys are a paradise for scuba divers and snorkelers. The nearby coral reefs host a wide variety of tropical marine life. It's close and easy to get to, the atmosphere lacks the stress of many dive locations and there is plenty to do for the entire family besides diving.   Find out more



Vacation in Key West in the Florida KeysFishing Charters
Key West and the Florida Keys are a fisherman's paradise. Key West is already 100 miles out into the Atlantic Ocean before you even get in a boat. You are guaranteed to have the best fishing you will experience anywhere! You will have the fishing trip of a lifetime enjoying both inshore and offshore fishing. The flats and reefs give shallow conditions for bonefish and snapper, but the trophy fish you seek is just a few miles further where the continental shelf, called the wall, drops off to depths of hundreds of feet! Here you'll find the "fantasy fish" you've been dreaming about your whole life. Find out more next week!



Vacation in Key West in the Florida KeysThe Best Beach in the Florida Keys
Where is the best beach in the Flordia Keys? We drove up and down the Florida Keys looking for just the right spot! We checked them all out. And our five year old son, teen age daughter, and retired mother-in-law all agree. We'll let you know the best beach around Key West!  Find out more next week!



Want more information on Key West and the Florida Keys? See a complete index of articles at Vacation Rental and Travel Directory for Key West and the Florida Keys. Get Information you need, maps of Florida and Key West, travel information and more! Or check out our blog!


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Seeing the Keys means getting away from your car and really seeing and hearing things up close.

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The Dolphin Research Center and other facilities are a short drive away!

Key West Golf Club's public 18 hole course with over 200 acres of beautiful Florida Keys foliage and wildlife, stately palms, dense mangroves, serene lakes, rolling fairways and dramatic greens. Just twenty minutes away!

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